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From our growing love and care for the pets, Egy Vet was founded, Providing convenience and personalized care, recommend early vaccinations to all pets to strengthen their immune systems, monitor and maintaining any health problem, and provide treatments to keep your pets safe and healthy

Muminah Kudo Google

As an expat it's hard to go in to a place not sure if you will get proper service. This clinic made me feel I was back in America. Clean and organized! Excellent team of doctors. They really knew what they are doing ( even confirmed our suspicion that our cat was deaf! ) Our cat was mysteriously losing weight and refused to eat. and I did not know what to do. Ahmed was very professional and spoke excellent English and answered all my questions. His assistant was very patient and supportive to my cat. In 3 days the cat was eating and was gaining weight again. Thank you for great service!

Muhsanah Dyson Google

I took my year old house cat who has never been outside. She was very nervous and angry but the vet, I cannot remember his name, was very patient and calm. I can tell he likes cats. I highly recommend this place. ***update*** my cat had the surgery and it went well. She went for post op observation/care and again everyone was great. I honestly feel like the whole staff are animal lovers because it shows!

wooden wheels Google

I was so lucky to find this place at a time of an emergency, the team is very professional, very kind and understanding, my cat's well being was placed at top priority from day one of surgery to the last, Dr. Ali is truly the best vet I've ever met and I've had experiences with four different clinics here in Cairo, Excellent experience, highly recommend.

abdelrahman arafat Google

Good job and best team in pets care medication and treatment 💚💚

Mostafa A. Google

This is an updated review, my previous one was a bad 1 star review.. and I’m gonna tell you that your experience with this clinic will vary depending on the vet you choose to deal with. From my experience, Dr Ahmed Hassan Bayyomi and Dr Ali Ahmed are a really great vets and I really recommend them. I’m not saying that other doctors are bad, but I’m sure you will be happy with the vets mentioned above.

aida Begarstanova Google

I highly recommend this place as I'm dealing with Dr. Aly almost 5 years now. I have 2 cats and dog. My cat was having urinary problems and within 1 month got 3 times anesthesia to use catheter(with other clinics) before I found Dr. Ali. Dr. Ali spent 2.5 hours with my cat just to avoid to give him again anesthesia. He really care that time not to harm health of my cat. Later I made castration for cat with Dr. Ali and everything passed perfectly. At any time you can reach him by phone and he will help.

naglaa nana Google

ما شاء الله تبارك الله ناس محترمة جدا و خدمة ممتازة و معاملة للحيوانات جيدا جدا شكرا لدكتور على عبد الرحمن و كل الدكاتره على حسن المعاملة

Tamer Basha55 Google

مستوي الخدمة أكثر من ممتازة و دقة و اهتمام بشكل رائع كل الشكر والتقدير لجميع العاملين بالعيادة

Marwa Saied Google

عيادة نضيفة جدا ودكاترة أكتر من ممتازين وتعاملهم مع الحيوانات هايل رحمة ورفق ولين ربنا يبارك لهم جميعا دكتور أحمد الفولي ودكتور علي عبد الرحمن خبرة متميزة

Hala Tamer Google

نشكركم علي مستوي خدماتكم الرائع و الاهتمام منقطع النظير كل شكر و تقدير 👍💝

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